Major Golf Tournaments Around the World

If you are a new player of the game of golf or someone who has just recently developed an interest for this game, you would be keen on finding and watching the golf tournaments. If you have researched well enough, you would know that the most significant and well sought after event of golf, all over the world, is the British Open. It is considered as the most-watched and highly anticipated golf tournament for the golf fans. As this game is getting more and more popular amongst the golf lovers, it can be said that more tournaments are being held, and that too very successfully. They are held not only in Europe but also in Asia as well as the Middle East. If you are unaware of them, this article will give you an introduction to these famous tournaments:

The Masters

Considered as one of the most attended sports by golf lovers, the masters is quite a famous game all over the world. This tournament is attended by some of the best golfers around the world and, naturally, it gathers a lot of attention. The media, the fans, and the golf lovers make it a point to give it enough attention to be held by the management every year. The vast and widespread green complexes where this tournament is played are maintained well throughout the year just because it gets easier for the golfers to play on it efficiently and provide an amazing display of game to their fans.

US Open

Another extremely famous tournament that is held solely to entertain the golf lovers is the US open. A great test of golf, in the name of the US open, is held in different parts of the United States of America at different point of times. No matter where it is held, the golf lovers make it a point to attend it and show their affection for this game. Also, there have been times when a lot of golfers were able to make their careers glorious solely by displaying their amazing skills in the US Open and win people’s hearts.

British Open

Just like the US Open, the British Open is also one quite a sought after the tournament for the golf lovers. These golf fans stay hooked to their TV screens no matter for how long does this game stretch. British open can be considered as one of the most historic tournaments that have held the attention of the fans quite well.

 The Player's Championship

Style is married with skill in the Players Championship and the fans make sure not to skip this show no matter what. The stadium of TPC where it is held is designed in quite an innovative manner and exudes charm both for the players as well as the onlookers.

People who are ardent fans of Golf make it a point to watch at least one tournament of Golf in a year. If you are one of them, your next destination can be from one of the above-mentioned places.

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Happy Golfing!

Photo by Allie Romer on Unsplash

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