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As a serial tech entrepreneur, I found myself between projects and on an extended vacation, my son and I spent nearly every day golfing. Which resulted in quite a few lost balls. When it was time to buy new balls, my son wanted to get the best of the best. An understandable desire, but as non-professional golfers, buying a large number of professional balls was too expensive to be practical. Those balls can go up to $60-$70 per dozen at a local pro-shop. My son then made a comment that changed everything. “Then let’s make our own!”

As avid golfers, we knew what we wanted—a professional quality ball for non-professional golfers. Something that performs just as well as the best out there, a ball that pros would be thrilled to use, at a price the average golfer can afford. Our secret sauce, we work directly with the factory, have no middlemen and ship directly to the end-user.


During that extended vacation that started everything, my son and I noticed that on one particular driving range, there was a hawk that would sit and watch us play every day. We began to look for him and without fail, every morning when we’d arrive, he would be there waiting. He became a mascot of sorts. So several weeks later, we were at a ski resort in the Utah mountains and we came across a ski run called Hawkeye, my son immediately declared that Hawkeye should be the name of our company.

Each model of golf ball also has a special name. Each one is named for a street in my son's favorite city—New York. A city of bustling energy and vitality, a center of culture and novel innovation. What could be a better inspiration for a generation of golf balls designed to get down to business and dominate their field? We chose four of our favorite streets for our first models…Madison Ave, Broadway, Wall St, and Fifth Ave.

Founders of Hawkeye Golf



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