Top Mistakes to Avoid If You Are A Beginner at Golf

Top Mistakes to Avoid If You Are A Beginner at Golf

by Hawkeye Golf July 29, 2019

Learning to play golf can seem deceptively easy. However, most beginners quickly find out that things are not as straightforward or as simple as they may seem at first. Golf is a hard game, and there is a bit of a learning curve involved. It is common for novice golfers to hit a learning plateau soon after they begin. This can also be the reason why a large number of people who start playing end up quitting soon after. 

It is important to remember that we all have to start somewhere and have to dedicate time and effort to continue learning and practicing before our skill improves.  It is also common to make mistakes but don't let that stop you from enjoying the process and learning from your mistakes. After all, that is how you get better.

Nevertheless, if you are someone who wants to avoid mistakes or wants to know where you are going wrong, then here are some of the common mistakes you can avoid:

You Are Not Playing the Correct Tees

It is common for novice golfers to underestimate the importance of playing the correct tees. They usually make the mistake of playing from a tee that is too far back rather than teeing forward, which can be more enjoyable, less frustrating. This technique can also reduce the rounds and minimizes the number of balls lost or going out of bounds. So, set your ego aside and go shorter if you are new.

Choosing the Wrong Club Distance

It is also common for new golfers to underestimate the significance of using the correct golf club, which affects their performance. If you find that you are facing the problem of your shot falling short but on a target multiple times, then the problem may be with your club selection. You must take the time to learn how different clubs and their averages so you can make adjustments, which will improve your game and your understanding.

Lack Of Mindful Range Practice

Playing mindlessly will get you nowhere, no matter how long you practice. Improving your game and your skill requires mindfulness. You must avoid mindlessly hacking away at the balls, which yields no results and improvement. Instead, try to be more observant so you can pinpoint your mistake and figure out ways that will help you get better. Experiment using different clubs, going shorter or longer on the tees, try out techniques, and write down your results and average so you can analyze the results and learn from them.

Not Getting Help From An Instructor

New golfers sometimes suffer from having a massive ego that holds them back from improving. There is no shame in realizing that golf is a hard game, and you may need some help from a professional instructor to get over the learning curve and correct your mistakes.  A pro will not only teach you the correct techniques but will also help you get the right habits. Getting help from a professional in the beginning will also reduce frustration.

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