Top Tips For Losing Fewer Golf Balls Next Time You Play

Are you losing too many golf balls? Well, you can take some ease in the fact that golfers of all skill levels lose golf balls. A recent estimate suggests that annually almost 300 million golf balls are lost and most of them end up in lakes, rivers, streams, and forests on golf courses.

To put things into perspective, there an estimated nearly 30 million golfers in America alone, who are responsible for losing the 300 million balls each year. Therefore, on average, every golfer is losing around ten golf balls annually. Losing golf balls isn’t just bad for the pocket but also bad for the environment; these millions and millions of golf balls are wrecking the environment. A golf ball on average takes about 100 to 1,000 years to decompose, and some of them release harmful toxins as they are decomposing.

Honestly, every golfer is contributing to the problem, the pros, the seasoned golfers, and new golfers alike are losing balls every round. However, there are ways to bring down the number of balls you are losing per round. So, what can you do?

If you are looking for tips on how to reduce the number of balls you are losing, then here are our top tips that can help you reduce the chances of misplacing balls and improve your game at the same time:

Improve Your Aim

Stop mindlessly hacking away at the balls because it is the easiest and most common way of losing balls. Mindfully practice your aim by using techniques that are proven to work. Practicing the right way will help you reduce the number of lost balls while you work on your skills as well as during the game.

Assess The Clubface

Next time you swing, try improving your grip of the golf club by limit raising the head of the golf club to waist high and lead with a vertical edge of the clubface. This technique improves control.

Understanding Your Shots

Understanding where you are making mistakes and having trouble will not only improve your performance but also help you save balls. Little tweaks such as keeping away by selecting the right target and club, as well as swinging confidently will improve matters.

Become Confident In Your Style

Take the time to know yourself and understand your style. By using a club that suits your style rather than what you are supposed to, playing tees that you are comfortable with and having conservative targets will help you achieve better control of your game and the ball.

Controlled Swing

It is common for golfers to struggle with swing control. To improve your swing, start with 3/4 or half swings and progress to longer swings and faster speeds. It is easier to control the rhythm and clubface in shorter swings.

Use Colored Golf Balls

Golf ball manufacturers purposefully manufacture brightly colored golf balls because they are easier to track and locate. Although some golfers think of colored balls as inferior. The fact of the matter is colored balls are not different from regular balls and performance is not affected by the color of the ball.

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